In my opinion, cell phones will be and are currently a major contributor to health issues/defects in adults and children who use them.

Let me clarify a bit more. Excessive use of, proximity of storage to body, and type of phone will be major factors. Now wheres my proof? I actually have none. But what good is proof when you compare it with my all time favorite show me the proof example, smoking. Americans loved their smoking and wouldn’t quit until there was hardcore proof. How many years did that take? How many smokers continued because they didn’t have the excessive proof they felt was necessary? Now Im not saying cell phones are as bad as smoking. But I am saying they are assembled overseas in countries with very few regulations. What I am saying is that extended time in close proximity to a device that emits that type of heat, transmits multiple signals, and has actually has made my own brain throb from extended use, sends up 2 red flags. Black Berries and iPhones share the commonality of big business with tobacco. It’s not in Americas best interest to slow a thriving business down when it generates a considerable amount of money in a terrible economy. Our GDP is bad enough.

My purpose in writing this is to document what I have been saying since 2001. Cell phones are bad news very bad news.