I believe the Colts will win by 10 points or more for the following reasons.

1) I dont want the Colts to win, so I know they will

2) The Saints live off of turnovers, and the Colts wont provide them.

3) Even if the Saints score often, they wont be able to keep pace.

4) The Colts offensive line will give Peyton Manning enough time to dissect the defense.

5) The Colts have a great punter and kicker, while the Saints lack experience in the field goal department.

If the Saints win (highly unlikely) this is the only way they do it is through a combo of a few of these.

-Special Teams

Punting (pinning deep)

Great field position from punt and kick returns

-Block kicks

-Create special teams turnovers

-Fakes of any sort

-Offensive Trickery or unpredictability.

-Flee Flickers

-Halfback Throws


-Something the Colts havent seen yet

The Colts will win if the Saints play their normal game on offense and defense. Therefore the Saints need something extra to put them in position to win. Even if the Saints cash in 2 defensive turnovers and 20 + points, they still lose. The Saints need great field position and the Colts to not have great field position. That is done through Special Teams or an unpredictability/trickery with the offense. Remember how the Jets unpredictable strategy really caught the Colts with their pants down in the first half. Mix that with special teams.

Pro Bowl Prediction:

They move it back to Hawaii, because they couldnt find enough guys to play the game in Miami. The Pro Bowl weekend should be more competition based, like basketball. Field Goal contest, long throw, 40-yard dash, maybe even a Big Man QB competition?