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Jenn-Air JMC8130DDS Microwave power failure

Did you clean your Jenn-Air oven only to find that your combo microwave doesnt work, but your oven still does? Do you love the way this oven/microwave looks, but absolutely want to strangle Jenn-Air for the functionality of the unit? If thats you too, heres how you remedy the problem. These are a couple of

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Replacing a Window Regulator on a 2003 Honda Element EX

My window snapped, fell in the door, and wouldn't roll up anymore. If thats you, you are about to get some help. Here is my step by step to replace your DRIVER side window regulator. Part number 72250-SCV-A02. Just for your reference, the PASSENGER side is 72210-SCV-A03. I got my part for $91.38 (driver side

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