Did you clean your Jenn-Air oven only to find that your combo microwave doesnt work, but your oven still does? Do you love the way this oven/microwave looks, but absolutely want to strangle Jenn-Air for the functionality of the unit? If thats you too, heres how you remedy the problem. These are a couple of pictures of the oven/microwave, and below it is how to get your microwave working again.

Simply remove the 8 screws holding your oven/microwave to the cabinet. Do not remove the two screws between the microwave and the oven.

Then with two people, pull the unit away from the cabinet. When you pull the oven and microwave (they are connected) away from the cabinet, you should see a black 20 amp reset button on the top of the back of the oven. Flip the reset button, and the microwave will suddenly come back on.

If anyone has the problem with the oven door hinges not allowing the oven door to close tightly, and has found a solution, please post the solution in the comments.

I have also attached the user manual for the oven only, and the install guide. I could never seem to locate the owners manual for the combo unit. Im not sure if one actually existed.

Here is how weve fixed the door hinge issue. Classy, I know. The problem is the door doesnt close tight enough. We use the chairs back rest wrapped in a hand towel to push the oven door closed. We keep two 8lb rebook weights handy to keep pressure on the door. The hinges close the oven door, but the problem is they dont close it tight enough. With the chair it keeps the hot air in and the clod air out. That way it doesnt take 8 hours to heat a pizza.