Let me state this very clearly, America needs a full on Energy Revolution. This will put America back on the map as a number 1. We didnt become the country of power by putting one foot in, and one foot out. Its right in front of our faces, yet we strongly push on with nuclear and coal energy. Thats like using the offensive schemes from Super Bowl 1 in Super Bowl 43. Sure it might work if you have a super dominant team, because at that point scheme doesnt matter. But once you face strong competition, the scheme grows useless, tired, and ineffective.

My favorite example is the Toyota Prius. After a huge recall, it is still in high demand and back ordered. Why is that? The people want change, and even after a huge mishap, they will still line up for it. How many products can boast that? By moving all cars from gas to electric/solar/hydrogen we can spark an energy revolution by recreating the automobile to meet energy demands. How about some competition??? What about clean energy for businesses, more efficient homes, or you name it for that matter. We have the reason to increase GDP in America by creating new products. So why wait and let China create the new technologies and sell them at a dirt cheap price? Seems like we are wasting a lot of time.