My dog who is a lab is having some awful allergies for the second straight summer . As a result, she has developed a bacterial and fungal infection on her back feet and neck. Along with that, she has developed a limp that seems to be a result of her infected feet. I have had her tested for Valley Fever and additional blood work as a secondary precaution. This has been going on for about a month now. It looked like it was getting better, and now its back. So I thought I would blog about what we are using for medication and so on. Currently we are using 6 healing tools. Excessive, seems that way. Expensive, yes. I am not big on medication and I think for a holistic vet, this was a lot of meds.  However, I am not sure, thats why I am sharing our story. Sam seems to be allergic to something in the yard ( Bermuda Grass, Oleanders, pollution in the air), however we cant pinpoint what it is yet.

I hate to be such a skeptic, but sometimes I think half of this medication is completely unnecessary. It feels like we are treating the results of the problem, not the cause.

So in the meantime we are using

    1. Virbac Keto Chlor a medicated shampoo that fights the infection. We are bathing once a week, and its done once its washed away. The only reason we bathe her once a week is due to this condition

2. Virbac ResSOOTHE This is a conditioner that soothes the skin after the bath has been taken. You rub it in the infected area and leave it in while the coat is still damp.

3. Cephalexin Oral medication which has been directed to be taken for 42 days. It supposedly treats the bacterial infection. Here is the answer to the bladder question I had.

4. Fluconazole Oral Medication which has been given for the fungal infection.

5. Pramoxine & Hydrocortisone spray to relieve the itch and soothe skin. Applied when soothing is needed.

6. Cortisone shot Given in a dose that helps for 72 hours.

Heres a look at Sam’s infection