Cutting my palm trees again and hopefully they dont grown back in less than a month. We will see, right. Sometimes owning a house just isnt worth it. Today is September, 30th and I had 3 of 6 palms cut back. The purpose in this post is to see if anyone knows how far these trees can actually be cut back. My palm cutter claimed that this is far back as I should cut my palms. He said any further and I risk killing them. At first I thought he was full of shit, but after speaking to a few people it started to make sense. Now Im simply looking for clarification. Also, does anyone know when palm trees should be cut in Phoenix, AZ? I usually cut mine 2 times a year, but have no specific month that the work is done in. Any advice would help.

November 6th update

After further review, these palm trees have been cut correctly. They shouldnt be cut back any further than pictured above. So if you need your palms cut in Arizona, show these pictures to you service provider as an example of a very short cut that works.